Launch of Queer Voices in Post-War Scotland

BookLaunchPosterWe are pleased to invite you to the book launch of Queer Voices in Post-War Scotland: Male Homosexuality, Religion and Society by Jeffrey Meek on Thursday 17 September, 17:30 Lilybank House Seminar Room, Bute Gardens, University of Glasgow. Wine and nibbles will be available from 17.15. Please do come along!

Professor Jeffrey Weeks will present and discuss the book, followed by a response from the author. Professor Weeks is a Research Professor in the Weeks Centre for Social and Policy Studies. Following teaching and research posts at the London School of Economics, Universities of Essex, Kent, Southampton and the West of England, he was appointed as Professor of Sociology at LSBU in 1994. Professor Weeks has published widely on LGBT identities and ways of life, changing family patterns, sexual values and ethics, and sexual theory.

‘Queer Voices’ is an innovative study that explores the experiences and narratives of Scottish gay and bisexual men throughout the last century, as the country became more accepting of its own diversity. Jeffrey Meek enables us to hear the stories of members of this neglected group as well as the debates in which they featured. He helps remind us that social change, in the field of sexuality as much as anything else, is ongoing. Bob Cant, editor of Radical Records, Footsteps and Witnesses & Invented Identities

For further details of the book, and the book launch please follow the link: Queer Voices Book Launch

This invitation is sent on behalf of Economic and Social History and the Centre for Gender History. Please address any enquiries to Dr Rosemary Elliot (0141 330 8635 or


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